Learn More About Gaskets!

Gaskets are found in and at the engine. Gaskets are specialized types of seals that are intended to hold fluids, maintain an appropriate pressure, and prevent debris from entering into a car's engine.

Some gaskets associated with a car are found within the engine itself. Other motor vehicle gaskets that connect an engine to other components of a car. The most significant, common gaskets in a car include intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, main bearing gaskets, camshaft gaskets, and cylinder head gaskets, which are also known simply as head gaskets.

A faulty, or blown, gasket can cause serious problems and damage. If you think you have an issue with a gasket, visit us at Tim Short Acura in Charleston, WV. Our professional team can provide you the assistance you need. This includes providing answers to any questions you may have in regard to gaskets contained in your motor car.

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