Signs the Cooling System Parts are Close to Failing

The belts and hoses of the cooling system in your car need to be working perfectly or the car can overheat and parts can be damaged. Here are some warning signs the belts or hoses might be failing.

The hoses have to be in excellent condition or they won't be able to carry fluids throughout the engine. Take a closer look at the hoses, you might see cracks or splitting in the rubber that is a concern. Also, feel for bulges or soft spots, signs the hoses might fail.

Belts must also be working in a peak state or parts of the cooling system will fail. Listen for squealing, and see if the rubber of the belts has any cracks or is splitting on the edges.

If you see any signs of wear on the belts or hoses, visit Tim Short Acura and one of our mechanics will inspect the entire cooling system for issues.

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