What is the Difference Between an Oversteer and Understeer?

One of the things we like to do at Tim Short Acura is to help educate our customers so they understand when there is trouble with their vehicle. Today we discuss what it means when your vehicle has a severe understeer or oversteer.

When your vehicle has an understeer, you can turn the wheel all you want, but the car seems to drift off the road. What happens here is you are turning the wheel correctly, but the wheel;s continue to plow forward and you keep winding up taking turns too wide and slide off the road.

The oversteer has the opposite effect on your vehicle. Turn the wheel and you feel like the rear is sliding out from under and causing you to fish-tail. This is usually the result of the front of the vehicle having more grip on the road than the rear, causing you to make too tight of a turn.



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