Icy Road Driving - Correcting A Rear Wheel Slide

Icy road driving can be a bit dangerous, and this is one of the main reasons you need to stay extra careful when out there on the roads in the winter. When the vehicle hits that exact spot that might have black ice, sometimes the rear wheel slide effect is inevitable. The key that changes everything is how you respond to this response.

It is time to tap into your inner Qi and calm yourself. Focus, and respond accordingly. Slowly bring your foot off that gas pedal and whatever you do, never put on the brakes.

Next is holding the steering wheel as easy as you can, while slightly turning it slowly to the whatever direction the car is now gliding. For example, if it goes left, then you turn left. On the flip side, if it turns right, then you turn right. We at Tim Short Acura are all about helping you stay safe while driving in the winter.



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